Company Profile

 Iditarod Logistics Limited ( IDI ) is a energetic and fast growing logistics service provider established in 2004, with headquarters located in Hong Kong SAR. IDI also has own branch office located in Shenzhen and Shanghai which can connect any shipment come from different parts of CHINA, especially from SHENZHEN, SHANGHAI, NINGBO, TIANJIN, QINGDAO AND XIAMEN. It is very important for those foreign traders who can enjoy unique and convenience services for shipment from different parts of China.

Sustainable competitive advantage over competitors through well planned and executed logistics and supply chain strategies has become the key to success in the international business world nowadays. Equipped with global vision and experienced with logistics and business matters in China and Hong Kong after China’s entry into WTO, IDI is dedicated to provide cost-effective and quality comprehensive services to our customers helping them to improve their value chain activities.

IDI has solid experience dealing with different commodities in different industries such as garment and textile, toys and games, sporting goods, glassware, foodstuff, printed matters and paper products, stationery and office supplies, metal ware, hardware, household goods, electronic and electric goods, bags and luggage, plastic material and goods, machinery and parts, lighting equipment, empty box and carton, computer and parts, chemicals, furniture, building materials and etc.